What to Leave at Home When You Go Camping

Have you ever been camping? I went camping many moons ago and it was truly an adventure, as it should be. It is a nice break from the reality of modern, contemporary life.

If you have just picked up one of the Whistler homes for sale and are looking to take a camping trip into the nearby wilderness, you are sure to have plenty of fun. But, it is important to remember that camping is supposed to be a carefree experience where you don’t have to worry about your home life.

Given that reality, it is vital not to try to pack every last home comfort into your knapsack. (This is something I still have to work on. 🙂 )

Here are 3 things to leave at home when you go camping.


One thing you don’t need much of at your campgrounds is technology. Now, we don’t mean everything. You might have your RV, cell phone, and various other things like lighters and flashlights.

But leave the tablet and laptop at home. You are not here to check emails and get some extra work done. You are here to enjoy nature. So act like it, and leave that stuff safely at home.


Next up is valuables. Now, tell us: what good could your expensive Rolex watch possibly do you out here in the woods? Hey, if brand-name products like that are meant only to impress other people, then you definitely have no need for them when you are camping, especially since there is no one else here!

The other point is that, if you bring valuables on a camping trip, the chances increase that you will lose or break them, so definitely leave these out of the backpack.

Nice Clothes

Just like valuables, your nicer sets of clothes have no place here in the forest. If you just got those new shoes you’ve been wanting, and you have been wearing them just about everywhere, know that your campsite is not the place for them. It is also not the place for anything really expensive, nice, or formal.

I am sure you will agree that it just doesn’t make sense.

Instead, bring durable but comfortable clothing that you won’t have a problem wearing every day and when you go for hikes. Camping is about being rugged, so you should definitely dress for the occasion.

Ultimately, camping is about living the simple life for a few days. Home is nice, but it’s not what this is. Enjoy your camping trip for what it is. Home will be there when you come back.

Happy Camping!!!