Pixicade Back-to-School Party

I recently had a back-to-school party for my daughter. Tryazon sent me a Pixicade party pack. What is Pixicade you might ask? Pixicade is a Mobile Game Maker. Pixicade sets a new standard for entertainment and learning. There is an appeal for a wide spectrum of interests: kids that love drawing, video games, or creative activities. My daughter loves to draw and loves playing video games so this was right up her alley. She was amazed at seeing what she created come to life! Believe it or not, I love it too. I got to make my own video game. I love Pixicade because kids will actually put down their phones or tablets and pick up markers and paper. Kids love it because they can draw their own games, share them with their friends, and play them on their phones or tablet. Pixicade stores as many games as you create. It was really a lot of fun. If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your kids and see their creative side, check out Pixicade.