My Brick Fest Live LEGO Review

Last year my family and I went to LEGO Kids Fest in Charlotte. My entire family loves LEGOs and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Kids Fest. It was truly an event for children of all ages.  Therefore, I was excited about attending the LEGO Brick Fest this year with the family. However, I was disappointed in this event, to say the least. It seemed to be more vendors trying to sell things, than there were things to do. We barely stayed for an hour. They also didn’t have nearly as many LEGO creations as they did the previous year. I did find a few things for us to do like the LEGO miniature golf, which was fun, and the glow in the dark LEGO room, but that was about it.

I give Brick Fest a 3/10. Hopefully next year will be a better experience.

Side note – A few weeks after I went to Brick Fest, they sent me complimentary tickets to Minefaire in my local area, which was a nice gesture. Unfortunately, I was unable to go, and everyone I asked either already had tickets or were unable to go themselves. 🙁

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets from U. S. Family Guide, but the thoughts are 100% mine.

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