Car Buying Made Easy

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If you are like me, you dread car buying for several reasons, it’s a hassle, it’s too stressful, it’s confusing, you don’t know what you are doing, you don’t want to spend too much, you don’t want to deal with pushy car salesman, etc. With car buying it is important to do the right research. is a great resource to learning about a potential purchase.

I’m originally from Philly and with the various forms of transportation the city has to offer, there really is no need for a car, therefore I didn’t have one, but when I got married and moved to New Jersey, a car was a necessity. I knew NOTHING about car buying but my husband knew a thing or two about cars so he helped me with my first car purchase of a used 1995 Toyota Tercel. Can you believe we still have this car and it still runs?  We did make some mistakes with our car purchase so would have come in handy for us,  but fortunately this car didn’t turn out to be a lemon.

As I mentioned earlier, doing research on your car is important and it is also important not to stick with one dealer. I check different web sites to see who has the better deal on purchases I am making online so why not do the same thing with car buying? Visit other dealers and research similar cars you are interested in to get a base price on the vehicle you are thinking about buying.

It is also important to show the person selling the car that you are educated. Don’t feel overly confident in your car buying skills? Bring someone with you who is more educated with car buying. As I mentioned earlier, my husband had some knowledge of car buying when I bought my first car almost 20 years ago but he is extremely educated now so much so that when family members or friends are looking to purchase vehicles, they bring him along. All of the cars we have purchased since we have been married, he has been able to get very good deals on them as well.

Lastly, find the car that is right for you, not the car you want to buy to keep up with the Jones’, or that cool car you saw on TV you know you can’t afford. I’m talking about a car in your budget that you love and want to have for years to come.

These simple tips will help you save big and find the right car for you. is the online destination that helps car shoppers and owners navigate every turn of car ownership so check them out today.


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